Island Roots
Run Deep

We are proudly founded on Vancouver Island. No matter where we go, we will always embody the values and vibe of the place we come from.

Our Backstory

The first Trees shops opened in 2015, back when the rules around cannabis were a little foggier. We operated as a compassion club providing safe access to top-quality medicinal cannabis.

As an early cannabis retailer, Trees helped to establish industry norms, and push for policies that bring cannabis to the people. Today, we’re hyped to be a licensed retailer with a growing number of shops in BC and Ontario.

We aspire to be an ethical and successful business in an Island style.

BC Buds Branching Out to Ontario

East and West have united! We’ve joined forces with our friends at Corner Cannabis to bring Trees shops to Ontario. Whichever province you’re in, you’ll find that Trees is comfortable, educational, and authentic.


We’re big fans of cannabis and all that it can do. With roots in craft cannabis, we know weed well. We can’t wait to share our knowledge and passion for this amazing plant with you.

Get to Know Our Crew

Our people are cannabis-friendly. We are artists, athletes, musicians, writers, yogis, freethinkers, spiritual seekers, mountain climbers, edge dwellers, and boundary pushers.

Our budtenders are experts at sharing experience-based advice and making sure you have all the info you need. Whether you’re a doob noob or canna connoisseur, we got you.

Want to join the Trees team? Check out our Careers page