Sunny Sativa Solstice

Suns & Fathers Day Cannabis

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TREES tips our caps to the 2021 Summer Solstice and Dads

with Sunny Sativa and Cannabis Concentrates

The summer solstice occurs when the Earth’s axis is pointed directly toward our Sun, and the northern hemisphere experiences the longest day of the year. Marking the summer solstice gives us the opportunity to connect with our mother earth and recognize our roots moving into these warmer months.

To acknowledge this beloved planetary event, we’re celebrating… 

Sunny Sativa Solstice


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June 20th, 2021
Enjoy some SATIVA with all that sun!

Coincidentally, Father’s Day also happens to align on June 20th this year, and we’re Dabbin’ for Dads with Smokin’ Deals on Concentrates and Dab Rigs this weekend too.

Let’s take this opportunity to speak to concentrates and highlight some Staff Picks that you and your pop might enjoy.

Dab Rig

What’s a Dab?

The term dab in the cannabis world refers to any of the harder concentrates of butane hash oil. Wax, shatter, amber, honeycomb, resin, rosin and budder are found in this CannabisConnoisseur category.  A little will go a long way in this medium, as they deliver highly concentrated forms of THC. Users covet the intense purity, robust terpene profiles, and a better bang-for-your-buck product. That said, proceed with caution if you or your dad are new to dabs.  As always, start low and go slow.

What concentrate accessories are required?

It depends. Products like hash can be smoked in a pipe or bong and some consumers enjoy a little sprinkle rolled with their favourite flower. Typically concentrates require specialized cannabis accessories referred to as Dab Rigs.

Need some help selecting the right Dab for Dad? 

Check out these STAFF PICKS!

Intense Dad


Pure sativa bliss, this shatter is clean and easy to inhale.  It comes in strong, with a 70-76% THC rating, creating an unencumbered high that is deliberate and sweet.

Stoic Dad


This hash rosin comes from a beautifully balanced hybrid hand trimmed and grown by the ocean side in organic soils.  It only has 34.1% THC and offers up a potent terpene profile without any chemical solvents.  It doesn’t get any more down to earth than this.

Purist Dad


This hybrid rates around 66% THC and does an excellent job of marrying cannabinoids with terpenes for a clean and well rounded experience. Fireside prides itself in its extraction process as a state-of-the-art technique that yields the purest of results.

Cannabis Dabs for Dads
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