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A Brief History of Kush Cannabis and Landrace Strains

Human beings have been crushing on Kush and loving Mary Jane for centuries. How does the flower found at cannabis stores today compare to the buds our ancestors were toking back in the day? TREES Cannabis Budtenders love a good fireside story, especially ones that help our community better identify and select the best flower to share with your friends and family?


The Mother Plant’s Historical Roots

Experts believe today’s strains of cannabis are all descendants of plants that initially grew in the mountainous Hindu Kush region, which borders Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. People of this region have been using the plant for many moons.

Cannabis seeds and flower remnants have been discovered in ancient burial sites, some of which date back to 3000 BC. Early explorers would have travelled The Silk Road, an old trade route that linked the Western world with the Middle East and Asia. Eventually, these seeds would take root on new continents, and the next generations of cannabis would begin to take root worldwide.

Know Your Landrace Strains

The plants adapted to different environments and growing techniques, new cultivars and plant characteristics began to take shape, and landrace strains were born.

  • Hindu Kush, Pakistan
  • Afghani, Afghanistan
  • Lamb’s Bread, Jamaica
  • Acapulco Gold, Mexico
  • Durban Poison, Africa
  • Panama Red, Central America
  • Thai, Asia

Kush in the Family

Kush cannabis family origins are rooted in those Hindu-Kush Mountains that meander through the borders of modern-day Afghanistan and Pakistan. The smell and taste are generally dank, pungent and a little spicy. A smell-proof stash jar is a must (unless you want to smell like Friday night 7-days a week).

Popular Kush Family Strains

Suppose you come across a strain with Kush in its name at TREES Cannabis. In that case, it will likely retain a genetic profile similar to those seeds that journeyed the Silk Road centuries ago. Thanks to some strain-hunters from the ’70s and 50 years of industry growth, here are a few popular Kush family strains to consider giving a toke.

afghan kush

Afghan Kush

Considered genetically closest to the original mother plants. The dried flowers are dense, sticky, hints of purple, and covered with frosty trichomes. She offers aromas and flavours of white musk (myrcene), sandalwood and red peppercorns (caryophyllene), and berries (linalool).

hindu kush

Hindu Kush

Naturally from the Hindu Kush mountains, this Kush is second to the Afghan’s being closest to its roots. Most consumers describe full-mind-body effects, chill vibes and a good chance you’ll have the munchies, so be prepared.

purple kush

Purple Kush

This old-school derivative comes from a breeder in California as the love child of the Hindu and Afghan Kush strains. Many people report that it’s a good one for sleep!

og kush

OG Kush

More often than not, the first Kush-related strain most people think of off the top of their head, yet, she’s a revered hybrid. Perfect for the Kush lover who desires a little more “pick-me-up.” Origins aren’t 100% clear, as the breeder was working with unspecified Kush strains when OG was born, but experts believe Chemdawg, Hindu Kush and Lemon Thai are in the mix.

The only question left to answer, is which Kush to try first?

TREES Cannabis Budtenders are standing by and ready to help you navigate your next Kush Family TREE adventure. Stop by and say hi soon!

Enjoy Respectfully and Consume Responsibly!

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