How to Clean a Bong

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Summer is nearly upon us, so naturally, there is an urgency to start cleaning the house and clear the cobwebs of winter. Why not get your bong ready for summer at the same time?

The bong is a rather stoic representation of cannabis culture. These coveted accessories come in many shapes and sizes, containing a sweet reservoir for water, herb-holding basket, and vocation from which you can enjoy a smooth and luscious inhale.

If you are reading this blog it is likely because you own a bong. If you own a bong, you know that after you know that after a few uses, the water can get, well, a little funky, and the hardware can get a bit crusty. Even if you change out that water regularly, prolonged use without proper maintenance will lead to a rather distinguished aroma and stickiness. The sappy resin that cannabis leaves behind after each use is sticky and stinky and will eventually clog the avenues for making your bong an effective smoking device.

The TREES Cannabis team has some trade tips to help you get in the spring cleaning zone and elevate your cannabis rituals.

  1. Two sealable sandwich bags
  2. 99% isopropyl alcohol (aka rubbing alcohol)
  3. Coarse sea salt (the grainy stuff, not the fine stuff)
  4. Rubber stoppers or plastic wrap
  5. A towel

Want a more intense cleaning product for your bong? Check out the list at the end of this blog post!
Step One
Carefully remove the bowl and down stem from the bong. Place each piece (if they separate) inside individual bags.
Pour enough of the alcohol into each bag to fully cover the element, and toss in a handful of sea salt. Give it a little swish, and use your fingers to massage the solution into the components as best as possible.
Seal the bags and set them aside to soak.
Step Two
Discard any water from the reservoir of your bong. Add a generous handful of sea salt and
about a ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol. Some bongs come with rubber stoppers, and this is where you would employ them to plug up any openings. Check out the Humble and Fume ResOlution Rig Kit if your bong didn’t come with rubber stoppers. Alternatively, you can seal the openings with plastic wrap.

Let the solution soak for about 10 minutes.
Step Three
Ensure all seals are in place and shake the bong vigorously. If you have only used plastic wrap over the openings, be careful not to spill. When shaking your bong, encourage the solution to touch as many interior surfaces as possible. Once you see a satisfactory amount of the resin come loose, pour the cleaning solution into the sink.
Step Four
Rinse everything with warm water, including the down stem and bowl. You might wish to repeat this process if your bong was particularly funky. Dry it off with the towel.

And there you have it! A clean and fresh bong, ready for your next session. Your bong will thank you, your roommates will thank you, and if you get into the habit of cleaning your bong regularly, it’s easier to maintain in the future.

To purchase bongs, bong cleaning instruments and supplies, shop online or in-store at the TREES Cannabis location nearest to you.
Bong cleaning products to try!

  1. Zeus Purify Cleaning Kit – This kit has everything you need to do a deep clean of your bong or vape or pretty much any other smoking device.
  2. ResRemover – will work in place of the alcohol and coarse sea salt to dissolve and clean resin from the inside of your bong. Just add water and you are good to go!
  3. Orange Chronic – This cleaner has been around for ages. It smells nice, is easy on the hands, and above all it gets the job done. Just pour it in your bong, swish it around, and watch the glassware shine.