Your Post-Secondary Puff-Puff Cannabis Guide

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As we move into the season of heading back to campus, TREES Cannabis recognizes that you might be looking to add some affordable options to your book-bag.  Here’s a little Budtender guide to help get you focused and stretch your student budget.

Know your Strains


Before we dive into what to consider buying, let’s do a quick study on strains and how they might work with your brain.


Cerebral and uplifting.  The right cultivar may enhance a creative flow-state. Some people might find it useful when reading or working on a paper as it could work with you to keep your brain interested in the task at hand.  Be mindful though, not all Sativa strains are the same. THC and CBD ratio percentages are also worth noting. In other words, don’t try this for the first time if you’re cramming the night before a big test.


These strain vibes are mellow and sought after by those who need to unwind and chill in-da-couch.  If you have a lot of projects on the go, flashcards to make, and chapters to digest, you may want to consider an alternative cannabis option. If you’re looking to reward yourself with a chill-zone moment after a hard day of studying, Indica vibes might be the ticket.


A carefully crafted mix between Sativa and Indica.  Each Hybrid will boast different qualities. Budtenders are a great resource to get all the bullet points.

Back-to-School Shopping


Student loans and tight budgets mean you might be on the hunt for the best deals. Ounce bags are a great value option!  Develop a joint-rolling ritual to enjoy your ounce bag, or invest in a new vape to help you experience all of the yummy terpenes with less cannabis burn and wastage. A number of strains are available and if your stash is stored right, it will last a long time at a price you can’t beat.


Cannabis is legal in Canada, but we still need to be mindful of where we can legally smoke it and be respectful to those around us. In those circumstances, where you want to blend in and be a bit more inconspicuous, vapes are portable and effective. Strain varieties, flavours and THC variances are abundant too.


It is a traditional after-school act, to hang out with your classmates and enjoy a few beverages.  But, who has time for a hangover when trying to stay focused on projects and deadlines?  Cannabis-infused drinks offer an excellent alternative, and due to their water-soluble nature, the effects are different than standard edibles. Varying potencies and flavours are available and cannabis users and social drinkers can unite with one big “CHEERS to the new school year!”

Enjoy Respectfully and Consume Responsibly!

If you’re NEW to Cannabis

Start Low and Go Slow 

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