Talented Canadian Artist Elysia Rose Collaborates with Trees Dispensary to Create Beautiful ‘Recycled’ Art

Over the weekend, self-taught artist, Elysia Rose, turned our Yates St. dispensary into her very own art studio. If you happened to walk by, you probably would have caught a glimpse of Elysia in the window creating art, and not just any art, but art with a purpose, recycled art, art that supports some really great causes.

Elysia Rose? Who?

Let’s back up and provide you with some details as to who this artist is. Elysia Rose is a graphic designer and artist currently residing in Calgary. What is her connection to Trees Dispensary? She actually designs all the beautiful artwork that is displayed on the infamous Trees Dispensary flower packaging.

Never had the chance to interact with our beautiful flower packaging? Just check out her dope artwork featured on our new flower packaging below:

New Trees Dispensary Flower Packaging

Background on the Art Collaboration

So now that we have it all sorted as to who the wonderful Elysia Rose is, let’s get back to the collaboration. Over the month of January, Trees Dispensary offered a recycle-baggie-program at all of our locations. We encouraged Trees customers to recycle flower baggies in exchange for a discount. Needless to say, we were able to collect hundreds of empty baggies for the purpose of our art collaboration.

Recycled Live Art Show

After driving for hours from Calgary, Elysia was presented with an overwhelming amount of recycled baggies and a large task at hand. Ms. Rose setup shop in the large glass window of our Yates St. location. Over the course of three evenings, Elysia went to town on the baggies, spray painting them and creating artwork using her signature collage style. In the words of Elysia, “The theme of the show was ‘recycled’, using baggies as the main component, I integrated it’s textures into the rawness of street art. Images I used were also ‘recycled’, I used the same image over multiple pieces with different executions.”


Trees Dispensary (Yates St.) aka Elysia’s Art Studio for the Weekend

And Then, ‘Recycled’ Art was Created at Trees Dispensary

After three days of going HAM on the baggies, 20 unique Elysia Rose pieces were created at Trees Dispensary. The distribution of the pieces in terms of size are as follows:

Eight pieces: 12 x 12 in (Small)

Six pieces: 24 x 24 in (Medium)

Six pieces: 36 x 48 in (Large)

All 20 of Elysia’s unique pieces will be displayed at the various Trees Dispensary locations across the island and sold via a silent auction. All six of our locations on the island will display at least one of each size, and a minimum of three art pieces. Throughout the month of February, you can come by to any of our locations and check out her artwork and bid on your favorite piece(s).  The highest bid on each piece wins!

Check out some of her art pieces from the art-show below:
Orange & White
Black & Blue

Proceeds of the Art Collab 

Beyond supporting a young artist and our earth, you can also help support hundreds of patients who partake in the Trees Dispensary Subsidy Program. What subsidy program? If you did not already know, Trees Dispensary currently supports hundreds of patients with various medical conditions that rely on cannabis products via an internal subsidy program. And now, you too can help these patients by bidding on the artwork created by Elysia.

Alongside each of the art pieces, we will be displaying testimonials of our subsidy clients for you to learn more of how cannabis and Trees has really helped change lives. A portion of the sale proceeds from the art pieces will be going right back into our subsidy program to help support the needs of those who’s lives depend on cannabis.

Come out to Trees Dispensary throughout February and help support this amazing cause! 

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